Recently wed

At the start of September Katie and I got married.

Paul, Katie and Tom

It was a lovely day and great having friends and family there to enjoy it with us.

I’d like to say some extra thanks to some of the companies that helped things go well:

Ali Wardle, our wedding photographer, who was excellent on the day and in preparation and processing the very, very good photos she and her associate took.

Mike Hall, Katie’s brother, who made us a magnificent wedding cake. He runs Cappuccinos coffee shop in Worthing.

Everyone at Field Place, for helping the day run smoothly.

The very nice people at Opulence and Grace bridal / bridegroom shop who both had a dress Katie fell in love with, and hired me, Tom and others some very natty togs for the day.

One thought on “Recently wed

  1. Tom


    Have you heard the latest theory on red hair?

    Apparently they are specially adapted to low sunlight, so while Tom may need sunblock he will be unlikely to lack vitamin D.

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