Notes from WorthingDigital social on 29th August 2013

Last night was the first in a new ‘season’ of WorthingDigital activities, we kicked off with a general chat in the pub.

Eight people turned up, which was a fine amount to start with. On the walk back to the station, Dave suggested I make some notes on what was talked about, as I do for the Farm meetings. This is my list, which is not comprehensive but is what I could remember on the journey back. We’ll find something to do with them within the banner of WorthingDigital at some point.

Web conferences – are they worth the money?
Worthing coworking
Google+ app is a annoying
Dull conference talks
Camera hacking
Buying a mountain
Wired mag & coping with being inherently out of date
Upcoming WD talks
Free coworking day at Worthing Coworking tomorrow
Canon Hack Dev Kit for non-SLR cameras
People who really enjoy the sunshine (this is a terrible in joke for people who were there.)
What is a Personal Area Network?
Fitbit & competitive walking
LESS and complicating CSS
Is making a web page becoming too complicated?

It was a nice little meeting, reminding me of the early days of the Farm, where a group of 7-8 people would naturally split in to two groups to chat about one thing, then break up in to other groups quite easily as topics changed. Meeting with intelligent and interesting people in the same industry as yourself is always entertaining, doing it over a pint doubly so.

Mark and I have managed to book a series of tech and business talks happening every fortnight across September, October and November, followed by another social at the start of December. More about those soon, please keep an eye on the WorthingDigital website if you’re interested.

1 thought on “Notes from WorthingDigital social on 29th August 2013

  1. Clive Walker

    Some interesting topics there. Particularly “Web conferences – are they worth the money?” and “LESS and complicating CSS”. Sorry I wasn’t there!

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