Weeknotes 2

14th January 2019 – 20th January 2019

Client Work

Not a lot to report, it was mainly dealing with the remaining work in moving lots of websites from one server to another for one group of clients, and doing some straightforward updates to the site of another. Plus, checking some work Laura had done for the group.

My projects

I discovered the upgrade of my Mac to Mojave had broken both Virtual Box and the old version fo Vagrant I’ve been using. This was not good as I had some data in a couple of databases still in the virtual machine in it that I needed to recover, and re-building Vagrant would wipe them out. I had thought I could boot from the Time Machine backup I have of the computer, but either I didn’t set it up correctly to do that when I started taking the backups that way, or it’s just impossible these days.

I’m still working out exactly how I’m going to fix that one. I have bought an extra external disk to use as storage as my current one is getting full, so I’ve taken a full backup of my current set up in case I have to restore the previous version to get the data out.

On the more positive side, I got some work done on Brisk that I could do without the missing data, and on an extra app I want to make an early version of to help me take notes of podcasts. The latter was integrating in code Sky wrote me about 2½ years ago. Things are slow when you’re trying to fit them around higher priority work.

The Farm

We had 19 people along to the Farm this week. Each week I take some notes on what was talked about, which go in to the adverts I post to the BNM list and a general archive. My notes from this week are:

  • Government confidence vote
  • Surviving losing a big client
  • Turning hosting in to a higher value service
  • New Orleans
  • Using Tide for business banking
  • Nicolas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb
  • Bitcoin
  • Doubt on Netflix
  • Rust
  • Atlas Obscurer
  • Has Brighton’s homeless problem got worse or just more visible?
  • Judging whether to do pro bono work to break in to a new area of business
  • Big charities are businesses, small charities are often a mess
  • Using breaks in client work to improve your skills
  • Successful band members who still have day jobs
  • Self building your home

Watching: Fast & Furious 8 (AKA The Fate of the Furious) – daft fun

Reading: I finished Metropolitan, it was excellent. Have started Jeeves in the Offing by PG Wodehouse

Writing with: Mainly a Sainsbury’s Hybrid Gel pen, and a bit with a Pilot G-Tec-C4, which gives a good, smooth and very fine line but is a pain to write with a lot due to the ridges on the grip section.

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