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Share ideas through Thought Pipe

During the discussion after my talk at Barcamp Brighton 4, several people wanted a place where they could publically swap ideas, in the hope that someone would pick them up and develop them. This came from Danny Hope’s experience where he described a CSS comment stripping service on his Flickr, and David Stone then built it for him.

As a developer, I like short projects I can build for a fun break from client work, and it looks like I’m not alone in that.

As a starting place for people to talk about ideas, I’ve opened this Google Group – http://groups.google.com/group/thoughtpipe – where people can start talking about their ideas. Please join up and put your oar in.

The inspiration for my small projects was the 5K App competition, organised by John Montgomery and you can read about what I did here in my 5K app posts.

I’ll put some ideas in to the group in the next day or so to try to kick things off. If it sounds interesting to you, please subscribe and join in.