Articles with Code

CF: Basics of security for ColdFusion v5

CF: Parsing a web page for Flash files using ColdFusion

CF: Creating a file upload sandbox for security using ColdFusion

PHP: E-mail contact form spam checking code

HTML: Requested pop-up that won't be blocked by Google toolbar

Code Snippets: ColdFusion

Save the current URL of a page in to a variable

Send e-mail via ColdFusion with importance set to high

Quickly set up CFPARAMs on a form processing page

Get the Primary ID after a SQL insert (MS SQL Server)

Show all the CGI variables for ColdFusion

Check visitors web browsers in ColdFusion

Have a single variable URL in ColdFusion (e.g.

Code Snippets: SQL

Retrieve the most recent record from a database (MS SQL & MySQL)

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