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Making websites for companies and helping advertise them

Google Search Appliance and Google Mini Services

I can configure Google Mini and Google Search Appliance servers, and customise the search results so they match with the design of various websites.

I am familiar with what the GSA and Mini can and cannot do with searching and spidering, and how to change pages so they can be spidered effectively by the appliances and rank well within the results.

I have experience in:

  • Using the API interface of the Google Search Appliance and Mini to receive XML of search results
  • Parsing the results XML in to HTML using ASP, PHP and ColdFusion
  • Matching the search results to the look of various sites using CSS
  • Using Collections and filters to manipulate what results are returned for searches
  • Setting up the spidering of websites
  • Excluding areas of sites from being spidered through various methods

Using the XML API, I have code running on a dozen sites in PHP, ColdFusion and ASP, serving up search results in from both GSA, Google Mini v1 and v2.

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Google Search Appliance Work

I have worked with a Google Search Appliance GB-1001, integrating it in to nine websites running a variety of scripting languages.

The project was 'Place 2 Be,' a project helping eight organisations in Brighton and Hove make their information easier to access, and creating a central search engine for Brighton and Hove information. The project uses a Google Search Appliance (GSA) to power their searches.

I wrote code in PHP, ASP and ColdFusion to allow partners of the project to embed search results from the Appliance in their own sites. I also wrote the PHP code to power the general search site p2b, which searches on all of the project partners sites and many more.

More details on what I did in the project. The p2b website

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Google Mini Work

Course Searcher

This site allows searching on educational courses for 14-19 year olds in Brighton and Hove. The project included custom meta tags, parsing the Google Mini XML with PHP, and automatic searching to fill a database of courses. More details


A short project: matching Galveston's Google Mini search results in to the design of their site. This used ASP to parse the Mini's API results in to HTML and CSS. Galveston's website

Drake and Cavendish

During the spring of 2006 I implemented a Google Mini search engine behind the Drake and Cavendish hotel site. More information on the Drake and Cavendish client page

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I have a blog helping other Search Appliance and Google Mini developers: GSA Developer

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