Monthly Archives: September 2023

Also posting on the Farm and Skiff blogs

I haven’t been posting the Farm write ups here as I moved them to the new Farm blog, which Haze added to the Farm site for me. I’m writing up the topics we talked about from each meet up, and trying to add some more information with one or two ‘highlights’ where I can go into a little more depth. Trying to keep this to something that doesn’t take up too much time so I can make it sustainable is difficult.

Similarly, I have been writing regularly¬†for The Skiff blog. There are lots of in-house events happening at The Skiff, the coworking space in Brighton that I’ve used for many years, and I thought we should be documenting them in some way as it’s easy to lose track of what has and hasn’t happened over the long time it has been running. Also, seeing what is happening in The Skiff may help it attract some more members and stay open, a very good thing in my book.

For the Farm, I have a lot of posts I can make retroactively. I have notes from about 800 of our weekly meetings, I just need to find time to write something to import them into a database so I can export them to a format WordPress can import. Currently I’m thinking of exporting as a CSV and using an import plugin to bring them in, rather than learning the WordPress API as that will take more time and make it less likely I’ll get around to doing it. But currently, client work is taking priority as I’ve got a new site build in progress for G2 Legal, and a bunch of smaller work on too. More about that as I finish parts of it, hopefully.